Innovation & Globalization

About Us


“There are no dreams too large, no innovation unimaginable and no frontiers beyond our reach.”

Innovations inspire. They change the way we work, live and dream. They are the result of talent, sacrifice and perseverance.

As Founder of a few global companies, I am continually captivated and inspired by international talent and the difference it can make to our global community.

We made bold moves in R&D and structural organization for our exciting innovations, which will hopefully make a small difference to the global community in the near future.

With an influx of investors and global VIP endorsements and support, we continue to explore and support solid business opportunities/companies and help realize your dreams as well.

We invite you to embrace the challenge and enjoy the journey with us!

Sincerely and Best always,
Hon. Pauline Truong BSc LLB (Hons)/JD GDLP LLM (UCLA)


Committed to excellence and professional service, our team of VIPs, seasoned lawyers, investment bankers, medical doctors, international PhD’s, entrepreneurs and business professionals across the globe will provide their expertise, undertake and/or manage your projects with confidence.

Our professionals are not only leaders in their fields, but pride on giving back to the community and do pro-bono work where appropriate.


We have over 10 years global experience and perspective in international legal practice, business, education and awards.

We specialize in developing innovative solutions in relation to:

– International Legal, Government, Trade & Business,
– Strategic Internationalization,
– Mergers & Acquisitions,
– Innovative Products,
– Venture Capital, Immigration & Real Estate.